Lisa Gardner – The Survivors Club

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Lisa Gardner – The Survivors Club

“Showing a flair for lip-biting suspense, bestselling novelist Gardner combs out a tangled plot to an engrossing effect… Riveting action… This club is worth the dues.” -People, Beach Book of the Week

“Lisa Gardner’s Survivors Club is a high-octane, nerve-jangling tale of suspense.” -Harlan Coben, author of Tell No One

“Hot dang, a new Lisa Gardner book! I love her hot, fast thrill rides. I’m always first in line to grab my copy of her newest release the day it arrives in stores. For my money, when it comes to suspense, nobody does it better.” -Jayne Ann Krentz

“A book seething with suspense and violence, one that will snatch your attention and attach your emotions to the characters.” – Columbia (SC) State

“One cannot read this excellent new novel by bestselling author Gardner without wondering what actors might play these characters… Rocks and rolls right up to a nail-biter ending.” -Publishers Weekly

“Her best effort yet in this dynamite tale… Readers are forewarned that they may be up all night finishing this masterfully crafted thriller.” -Booklist

“The Survivors Club has it all-provocative plotting, an astute eye for detail, engaging characters, and a razor-sharp emotional edge.” -Stephen White

“Another surprise-filled, suspenseful yarn from the gifted Ms. Gardner.” – Denton (TX) Chronicle

“Lisa Gardner knows how to produce a hair-raising mystery thriller, and this offering is no exception… Gardner keeps the reader guessing with twist after ingenious twist.” – Charleston (SC) Post and Courier

“There’s a whiff of The Silence of the Lambs in this gripping new crime novel… A suspenseful page-turner.” – Toronto Sun

“Here’s a winner to keep you on the edge of your beach chair.” – River Falls Journal

From Publishers Weekly

One cannot read this excellent new novel by bestselling author Gardner (The Next Accident) without wondering what actors might play these characters, especially the detectives. (Russell Crowe in his Bud White mode should star as Roan Griffin, and Dennis Franz seems a natural for the rumpled and sarcastic Fitz.) A sensitive but tough Rhode Island state police detective just returned from a bereavement leave (his beloved wife has died of cancer), Griffin encounters a hell of a case: a serial rapist, Eddie Como, is professionally hit in the courthouse parking lot, but whoever set up the kill doesn't want any loose ends: a car bomb results in an extra-crispy assassin. The prime suspects for this crime are Eddie's surviving victims: Jillian Hayes, who was beaten when she nearly caught the man after he raped her young sister, Trisha, who died; Carol Rosen, neglected wife of a successful attorney with a secret, who was raped in her own home; and the first victim, young Meg Pesaturo, who has mob ties but remembers nothing about the attack. But this is only the beginning of the case, for the rapist seems to rise from the dead to strike again and an old nemesis of Griffin 's may have everything to do with it. The three-dimensional characterizations are compelling, and the plot barrels along with surprising new twists that feel inevitable once they occur. Though the plot doesn't jell until our hero meets his match in city cop Fitz, the book then rocks and rolls right up to a nail-biter ending coming perhaps a tad too quickly. Roan Griffin is a triumph: hurt, tightly wound, but holding it together and regaining his compassion and ability to reach out. And the grace-note minor characters, the wily nurse Toppi and Jillian's silent former singer mother, Libby, are gems. Gardner should hit the charts again with this one.

From Library Journal

These survivors overcame the consequences of rape, but one of them seems to have taken things too far by murdering the accused rapist. A follow-up to The Accident, the best-selling Gardner 's hardcover debut.


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